4-H September 2023

4-H September 2023

4-H September 2023

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Russell County 4-H News

September 2023


Join 4-H

If you are interested in any of the following 4-H Clubs or activities, please call the Russell Co. Extension Office to get your name on the interest list. The phone number is 270-866-4477.  Some clubs will begin in the fall while others will start in the winter or spring.  Most 4-H meetings occur on Tuesday evenings after 4:00pm and last approximately 1 hour. 

Cooking Club — call to register by 9/29/23

Be Creative Arts and Crafts Club — call to register by 9/29/23

Down on the Farm Club — call to register by 9/15/23

Beginner Sewing — call to register by 9/29/23

Country Ham program — call by 10/31/23

If you are leaving a message, please tell youth’s name, address, school/grade, and parent contact phone number.

Shooting Sports does not take enrollment for new members until March.  Watch newsletters for this date.


Kentucky 4-H Communications Day

July 2023 at University of Kentucky

Elizabeth Hoskins — champion of Sr. Clothing and Textiles demonstration

Molly Hammond & Carter Brown — 2nd place/ blue ribbon in Jr. Team demonstration

Rayden Luttrell — blue ribbon in Jr. Animal Science demonstration

Raelynn Humble — blue ribbon in Jr. Clothing and Textiles demonstration

Casen Meyers — blue ribbon in Jr. Science Engineering & Technology demonstration


Camp Corner

4-H Camp was held June 20-23, 2023.  We had a lot of FUN!!!!! Will you be making plans to go to  4-H summer camp in 2024? Start saving your money now!


Kentucky State Fair

The new 4-H year is off to a great start!  Russell County had 21 youth that entered exhibits at the 4-H Cloverville section of the Kentucky State Fair.  Look for the Kentucky State Fair results in the October newsletter.


Lawn Mower Driving Contest

Dalton Foley competed in the 4-H Lawnmower Driving Contest at the Kentucky State Fair on Monday, August 21.  He received a red ribbon!


Kentucky 4-H Country Ham

4-H Country Ham Contest was held on Thursday, August 17 in Louisville at the State Fair.  Six 4-Hers gave their ham speech as part of the ham contest.  Sixty percent of the score is based on the speech and 40% based on the country ham.

Dalton Foley — red ribbon       

Vance Foley — blue ribbon

Jace Anderson — blue ribbon

Chase Robertson — blue ribbon

Cali Robertson — blue ribbon

Bailey Gosser — blue ribbon

The 4-H Country Ham leader is Micah Foley.


4-H Basics

The 4-H symbol - A green 4-leaf clover with a white "H" on each of its leaves

The 4 H's - Head, Heart, Hands, Health

Motto - "To make the best better"

Slogan - "Learn by Doing"

Pledge:  I pledge me head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for my club, my community, and my world."

Colors - Green and white - Green represents springtime. White represents innocence.


Upcoming Events

September — Holiday Card Design Contest

October — Dog Poster Contest

November — Poetry Contest

November/December — sign up for country ham curing

January—Written Communications &      Expressive Art Contests

March— Speech & Demonstrations Contest

March/April — 4-H Camp signups


Kentucky 4-H Horse Show

June 25, 2023

Mattie Parrish & Doc - 6th Country Pleasure Walking Sr. and 8th Trail Pleasure Walking Sr.

Mattie Parrish will also serve on the 1st Kentucky  4-H Equine Task Force.  Congratulations, Mattie!


Distributed by

Christy A. Martin

Russell Co. Extension Agent for 4-H YD

Website:  https://russell.ca.uky.edu

Click on Program Areas > 4-H Youth Development


4-H Shooting Sports

4-H Shooting Sports will take new members in the spring.

Good luck to the 4-H Shooting Sports team that will compete in the State 4-H Shooting Sports competition on Saturday, September 9, 2023!

Ralph Pettyjohn Memorial 4-H Shooting Sports Competition Results

Adair County 4-H Fun Shoot Results


4-H Fun at the Fair

Russell County Fair Floral Hall Grand Champions - 4-H Division

Molly Hammond - 4-H Arts

Gunnar Coe - 4-H Entomology

Cali Robertson - 4-H Photography, 4-H Home Environment, and 4-H Foods

Chase Robertson - 4-H Wood Science and 4-H County Heritage

Payton Aaron - 4-H Crops and 4-H Trends

Elizabeth Hoskins - 4-H Sewing

Jace Anderson - 4-H Horticulture