4-H October 2023

4-H October 2023

4-H October 2023

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Russell County 4-H News October 2023

Kentucky State Fair 4-H Cloverville Results (Download complete newsletter)

State 4-H Shootings Sports Awards

(September 9, 2023)

Individual Awards

Dalton Foley — 1st place black powder percussion rifle & 3rd place black powder flintlock rifle (9-11)

Vance Foley — 1st place black powder flintlock rifle (9-11)

Carter Brown — 2nd place .22 target rifle (9-11)

Aiden Mondie — 3rd place sport air rifle (9-11)

Andrea Russell — 1st place black powder pistol (12-14)

Brayden Popplewell — 1st place .22 sport rifle & 3rd place BB rifle (12-14)

Sarah Grider — 3rd place recurve target archery (12-14)

Eli Foley — 1st place black powder percussion rifle, 3rd place black powder flintlock rifle, 3rd place black powder pistol (15-18)

Sarah Stephens — 2nd place black powder flintlock rifle, 2nd place black powder pistol, 3rd place black powder percussion rifle (15-18)

Team Awards

1st place (9-11) .22 target rifle — Chase Robertson, Carter Brown, Benton Kimbler, Titus Popplewell

1st place (9-11) black powder percussion rifle — Dalton Foley, Will Hatter, Carter Brown, Charley Cundiff

1st place (9-11) black powder flintlock rifle — Vance Foley, Dalton Foley, Will Hatter

1st place (15-18) target archery — Vinson Kerns, Logan Russell, Zach Walters, Audrie Roy

1st place (15-18) black powder percussion rifle — Eli Foley, Sarah Stephens, Logan Russell, Zach Walters

2nd place (15-18) Bowhunter archery — Audrie Roy, Zach Walters, Logan Russell, Vinson Kerns


Camp Corner

Dates:   TBA

Location:  L.C. 4-H Camp (Jabez)

Cost:  $300.00 — partial scholarships available plus financial support from the Russell Co. Extension District Board


Coming Soon

New 4-H t-shirt coming soon to celebrate our 100th birthday!

Russell Co. 4-H - 100 years old!


Kroger Community Rewards Supports Russell County 4-H

1. Create or log into your Kroger Rewards account with your user name and password (and your Kroger card number).

2. Choose “My Account.”

3. Scroll down to “Community Rewards.”

4. Search for Russell Co Kentucky 4-H or our code — KA273. 

5. Then select “Enroll.”


Cooking with Kids - Chicken and Dumpling Soup (Download complete newsletter)


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4-H Dog Poster Contest Guidelines

1.Educational posters MUST relate to dogs.
2.Posters should encourage the youth’s imagination in developing a slogan or theme that promotes a breed of dog. Posters should be simple and focus on one message to tell the story of your dog poster theme. Resource information should be attached to the back of the poster (resource may be in an envelope with youth name and county). Reliable resource information should be used (please note that Wikipedia may not be a reliable source).
3.You may use a variety of media, however no 3-dimensional posters are allowed and no text cut directly from a magazine will be allowed.
4.Posters must be no smaller than 20”x30” and no larger than 24”x30”. Poster format should be vertical. Posters must be made using one of the following: mat board or foam core board. No poster board is allowed and will be disqualified.
5.Copyrighted characters such as Snoopy, Charlie Brown or other cartoon characters cannot be used.
6.The back of the poster MUST include a listing of the resources of the information on the poster. Poster content should allow for a 3”x5” label to be attached in the bottom right corner.
7.Poster will be judged on how well they present information and on their general appearance.
8.Danish ribbons will be awarded and one champion poster will be chosen and based on quality may have the opportunity to advance to the Kentucky State Fair.
9.Posters are due Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Poster may be dropped off at the Russell County Extension Office (across from Mighty Dollar Store) or taken to your 4-H leader at school.