4-H April 2023

4-H April 2023

4-H April 2023

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Russell County 4-H News - April 2023


4-H Speech & Demonstrations Contest was held on March 28, 2023 at the Russell County Extension Office.  The blue ribbon champions will advance to the Area 4-H Communications Day on May 9, 2023 and compete for a chance to advance to the Kentucky 4-H Communications Day in Nicholasville, KY in July.

Science Engineering Technology 
Casen Meyers - champion/blue ribbon 
Josie Redmon - 2nd place/blue ribbon

Animal Science 
Rayden Luttrell - champion/blue ribbon 
Raylie Pelston - 2nd place/blue ribbon 
Ariana Owens - blue ribbon 

Clothing & Textiles
Raelynn Humble - junior champion/blue ribbon 
Elizabeth Hoskins - senior champion/blue ribbon 

Team Demonstration 
Molly Hammond & Carter Brown - champion/blue ribbon 
Henryetta Messer & Baylee Riddle - 2nd place/red ribbon 

Visual Arts
Raylie Robertson - champion/blue ribbon

Ava Aitken — champion/blue ribbon 

Family & Consumer Sciences 
Madix Glover - champion/red ribbon

Age 9 Speech 
Remi Luttrell — champion/blue ribbon 

Russell County Jaycees Fair 

Russell County Fair 4-H Floral Hall categories are attached to this newsletter.  Entries will be taken on June 6, 2023 at the Russell Co. Fairgrounds from 8:00 am – noon.  This is your chance to show off your skills to the county and have a chance for your entries to advance to the Kentucky State Fair.  Exhibits that advance to the Kentucky State Fair will be displayed in “Cloverville” in the south wing.  

Grow Your Own Garlic Greens

1 garlic bulb (ideally one with green sprouts) 
1 clear, shallow jar or cup or a small bowl 

Put the garlic bulb in the clear jar so that you can see when the water needs changing or refilling.  Arrange it so that the points of the cloves and green sprouts (if there are any) are facing up. Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the  garlic and put the container in a sunny spot. Change the water if it gets cloudy, and add water to keep the bottom of the bulb wet. Use scissors to harvest the shoots after they get  about 3 inches long. The bottoms of the garlic will eventually send down roots and green shoots should grow well for a couple of months. 
(Source:  Chop Chop Magazine, Spring 2016) 

Camp Corner

The application period to sign-up for 4-H camp has closed.