Monthly Russell County FCS Newsletter - June 2024

Monthly Russell County FCS Newsletter - June 2024

Monthly Russell County FCS Newsletter - June 2024

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Monthly Russell County FCS Newsletter - June 2024 edition


Save Money by Making Your Own Floral Arrangements 

The Russell County Extension Office hosted a floral arranging class in May, taught by ANR Assistant Sarah Beard. The workshop focused on hands-on learning of arranging fresh-cut flower bouquets. Making your own floral arrangements is a relaxing and cost-saving way to freshen up any home or workplace. If you have a program idea you would like to see, please call the Russell County Extension Office. 


Food Preservation Season is Upon Us!
The Russell County Extension Office will be offering three FREE canning classes this summer: jams and jellies, tomatoes and salsa, and vegetable soup. If you are interested in learning how to hot water bath or pressure can food this summer, please call to RSVP. Space is limited for these hands-on learning classes. Call 270-866-4477 to RSVP.


Russell County Farmers’ Market Opening for the Season 
The Russell County Farmers Market will open for the season on Friday, June 7th. If you are looking for fresh produce, please plan to stop by. The grand opening of the Farmers Market will be on Friday, June 28th. The Farmers Market is located in the parking lot of the Russell County Extension Office. 


Know Before You Go: Travel Health Notices
Source: Katherine Jury, Extension specialist for family health

     Many people make travel plans for the summer months when the weather is warm and children are out of school.  If you are planning to travel internationally, consider any additional health and safety precautions you should take based on your travel destination. 
     The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides both a list of recommended vaccinations and other preventative health measures that travelers can take. They also have specific disease information by country and region.  One way the CDC notifies travelers of important health information is through Travel Health Notices (THNs).  They use these notices to inform travelers about global health risks during outbreaks, special events or gatherings, and natural disasters. The CDC also gives advice about protective actions travelers can take to prevent infection or adverse health effects.
     There are four different kinds, or levels of notices.  Level 4 notices advise travelers to avoid a country or region entirely.  Level 3 notices caution travelers to reconsider nonessential travel due to limited precautions available.  Level 2 notices encourage travelers to practice enhanced precautions for this destination and describe additional precautions or specific populations at risk. Level 1 notices inform travelers of outbreaks of disease uncommon to Americans but common at their destination location and describe usual precautions for this destination. 
     Also, the CDC provides destination-specific information for more than 200 international travel destinations, including recommended vaccinations, a prevention guide for common diseases, and a Healthy Traveler Packing Guide specific to your destination. 
     For more information, and to access CDC travel health notices, visit


Upcoming Workshops

  • June 10th: Canning Jams & Jellies @ 5:30 PM
  • June 11th: Gardening in Small Places- Herbs @ Noon (Russell County Public Library) 
  • June 17th : Cooking the Calendar: Fruited Coleslaw @ 5 PM
  • June 24th: Canning Salsa and Tomatoes  @ 10 AM
  • July 1st: Wits Work: Brain Games & Exercise @ 10 AM
  • July 9th: Cooking with Herbs @ Noon (R.C. Library)
  • July 20th: Canning Vegetable Soup @ 10 AM 

For all workshops, please call 270-866-4477 to RSVP.  RSVPing allows the agent to better plan for your attendance.
You can also find these events on our Facebook page.



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