11/08/18     Meeting Equine Winter Nutrition Needs

10/25/18     Dry Period Important for Dairy Cows

10/18/18     Enjoy Fall Color in Kentucky Forests

09/27/18     Kentucky Gardens Need Attention in the Fall

09/13/18     Stay Safe during Harvest

08/30/18     Dairy Calves Need Water Too

08/16/18     Controlling Horn Flies in Cattle

08/02/18     Be Aware of Poison Hemlock Dangers to Livestock

07/26/18     Opportunities for Landowners to Maximize Their Woodlands

07/19/18     Fighting the Battle with Chiggers

06/28/18     Prevent Disease in Your Roses

06/14/18     Use the UK Agricultural Weather Center to Help Livestock Beat the Heat

06/07/18     Harvesting Blueberries and Blackberries for Full Flavor

05/24/18     Tetanus Prevention Is Important When Banding Bulls

05/10/18     Save Money, Time and the Environment;  Don't Over-Fertilize Your Lawn

05/03/18     Considerations before Diversifying Your Operation

04/26/18     Don’t Forget Sprayer Maintenance during Spring Cleaning

04/12/18     UK Extension Helps Producers Deter Black Vultures

03/22/18     Benefits to Grazing Novel Endophyte Fescue

03/08/18     AgrAbility Keeps Farmers Working

02/24/18     Reduce Stress with Good Record Keeping

02/10/18     Spring Fever!

01/27/18     Remember Safety with Standby Generators on the Farm

01/13/18     Revised Labels for Dicamba Products and Mandatory Training                                    Requirements

01/06/18     Mobility is Key to Dairy Herd Success

12-23-17     Not All Firewood is Created Equal

12-09-17     Poinsettias Are a Holiday Staple

12-02-17     Use Horticultural Oils this Winter to Control Spring and Summer Pests

11-22-17     Turkey Talk

11-11-17     Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Programs Impact All 


10-28-17     Stockpiling Forages for Fall and Winter Pasture

10-14-17     Stink Bug Management

09-30-17     Apple Harvest Basics

09-16-17     Fall Fertilizer Applications to Hay Fields and Pastures

09-02-17     Limiting Weaning Stress for Beef Cattle

08-19-17     Preventing Hay Fires

08-05-17     Woodlands Could Be Your Farm's Hidden Asset

07-22-17     Give Your Summer Garden New Life

07-08-17    Take Control of Weeds in the Vegetable Garden

06-17-17    You Can Control Flies on Cattle    

06-03-17    To Keep or to Cull Dairy Cows, That is the Question

05-20-17    Transferring Your Farm to the Next Generation

05-06-17    Fireflies Can Help Control Garden Pests

04-22-17    Feed High-Quality Forage to Boost Animal Performance

04-08-17    Spring Has Sprung; Time to Mow Your Lawn 

03-25-17    Protect Poultry from Bird Flu                                                                              

03-11-17    Routine Tractor Maintenance

03-04-17    Looking Forward to the Summer Vegetable Garden

02-25-17    Establishment and First-Year Management of Tall Fescue                                   

02-18-17    Keep Firewood Insects Out of Your Home                                                             

02-04-17    Winter Sickness in Beef and Dairy Cattle